Choosing The Best Probate Services in Calgary

If someone in your family has recently passed away, it could be necessary for you to hire a probate lawyer. A probate attorney is someone who specializes in finalizing the estate of a deceased individual. These lawyers typically perform administrative duties involved in closing an estate, though some attorneys also specialize in representing a party that is involved in a dispute over the property of the deceased. This article will help you choose the best probate services in Calgary.


There are various ways to locate a lawyer, including asking friends and family members who they would recommend, searching the Internet for lawyers in the local area, or looking through a local phone directory. Many lawyers provide a wealth of information online, and as such, reading through their websites or blogs could be extremely beneficial.

Although you need to begin your search quickly, it is important for you to take the time to conduct a brief interview of the lawyer you are considering. During the interview, you will be able to get answers to your questions, you will be provided with a clear timeline and any associated fees will be mentioned.

The interview will give you the opportunity to find someone you feel comfortable with and help you ensure that things progress in the expected manner. By conducting this in-person interview, you will be able to learn a lot of different things about the lawyer. Moreover, it will give you the opportunity to request references and check their status with the local bar association. Thus, conducting an interview is always an important step.

Some of the primary duties of a probate lawyer may include filing all necessary paperwork with the court, creating a detailed list of the assets of the estate, stating all the fees included, and distributing all the remaining assets among heirs.

There could also be times when an estate is disputed. Some major reasons as to why a dispute may occur can include an heir thinking that he or she did not receive the assets or funds he or she was entitled to, or when there is no will stating how the assets will be divided among surviving heirs.

When choosing a Calgary wills lawyer, it is important to check the qualifications and credentials of the attorney you are considering. Make sure to find out whether he or she has received proper education in the relevant field of law, and be sure to ask for the proof of his or her qualifications for your own peace of mind.

Reputation is another important thing to consider when choosing probate services in Calgary. Talk with the previous clients of the lawyer to figure out whether or not they are satisfied with the services they have received. Ask them a few pertinent questions to gauge their level of satisfaction with the attorney under consideration.

With that said, you are advised to keep all of the above-mentioned things in mind when looking for a reputable Calgary wills lawyer. These considerations will help you make an informed decision.