An outstanding number of women receive breast implants every year. Over 47,000 of these women would have received PIP (Poly Implant Prothese) breast implants.

PIP was a popular French company that many (both in the UK and France) relied upon for their breast implants.

Ordinarily, breast implants are successful with a low failure rate. However, in 2010, numerous women’s lives changed when the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency recalled all breast implants by PIP. Breast implants manufactured by PIP were dangerous and made from unapproved silicone gel. Silicone gel used in these implants was for mattresses rather than medical use which was a shocking and horrifying discovery.

What is the Issue with Unapproved Silicone?

The problem with this unapproved silicone is that it could cause a variety of issues and complications. For example, these implants could cause ruptures, ptosis, and horrible scarring. Women shell out a copious amount to acquire these breast implants so they should be receiving the best possible result.

Emotional damage is prevalent in these cases. These issues can cause depression, and disappointment as well as stress due to extra surgeries. Nobody should have the trouble of multiple surgeries. Breast implants are expensive and should be high quality and safe.

PIP falsely advertised to their customers and put their safety at risk. PIP failed to follow regulations and therefore repercussions are essential.

Women who have received these dangerous implants need to have an ultrasound scan immediately. Those with ruptures or any other complications should have their implants removed without any hesitation.

Can you Receive Compensation?

Removing breast implants and dealing with any complications can cost a small fortune, not even taking into account the money lost from the breast implant surgery. There is a range of services as well as compensation to prevent financial loss available for those who have had these implants. These services are simple and you will have support through every step of the way.

An individual who has received PIP breast implants can inquire for a claim. This could potentially compensate for physical and emotional damage done to the individual and surgery that could restore any damage done. The cosmetic industry may seem like someone you can trust. However, in reality, the poorly regulated system can cause a variety of problems. After having a cosmetic injury happen it can be difficult to know what to do which is why injury claims lawyers are so important. They can help people restore their well-being and return their life to normal again.

Outcomes of Previous Claims

Since 2010, there have been millions of pounds in repercussions for distressed women. Clinics have provided compensation and improved many lives after this incident. In 2012 a group litigation allowed women a chance to speak in front of judges. Having someone is important at this time. On a positive note, seeing the results of other women’s claims shows an optimistic outlook and gives hope to other individuals.

Inquiring for compensation could save a life!

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