A medical malpractice can occur due to several reasons. When one incurs an uncalled for pain or additional injuries because of the negligence of a physician, psychological professional or a medical institution, then it comes under medical malpractice.

Choosing the right medical malpractice lawyer to handle your case gives you comfort and self-assurance that he or she will work out the best strategies to provide results in your favor.


Referrals and recommendations are very important when selecting the right lawyer for your case. Asking your family and friends would help you find the most reliable, experienced, qualified and professional lawyers to whom you can assign your case easily.

Do a comparison

It is important to do comparison shopping before you finalizing one. This would help you make a better decision and select the right medical malpractice attorney for your case. Comparison has to be done on the basis of few parameters such as knowledge of rules and regulations, experience in handling same cases, success ratio, fee, etc.

Portland is a house of popular and reputed attorneys, who specialize in a wide range of areas. A good Portland medical malpractice attorney will have vast experience to help you and get you the compensation that you deserve.

Use of approved attorney referral services

Use of approved lawyer referral services can be one of the effective ways, in order to find the right lawyer. This service refers potential customers to attorneys. The referral service staff matches the requirement of the customer with the highly qualified lawyer who has the abilities to deal with the case efficiently. To use this service, a customer is charged a nominal amount of fee for consultation.

Take help of joint advertising groups and standalone advertisements

Lawyers generally use advertisement strategy to mention their specialization, experience and other important things that will help customers to choose their services. There are different advertisement sources such as yellow pages, newspaper and Internet advertisements, radio, billboards.

Lawyers can provide their contact number and the type of projects handled by them. This will help customers to contact them if their case matches to the area of expertise of the lawyer. You can even find a group of lawyers in the form of an online association that publicizes their services.

On the basis of services that matches client needs and lawyer expertise

To find the best lawyer to serve your case, a client is required to submit a brief explanation of the case that lists the services he expects from the lawyer. Based on the requirement, service’s attorney members bid on the case and offer a consultation. Client on the basis of the consultation forms a decision whether to hire the lawyer or not.


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