Physicians and healthcare professionals have responsibility of saving patient’s life. However, at times, these professionals take things lightly and don’t pay adequate attention while handling the patient, which can cause serious injury and even death in certain cases. Hence, it becomes important that you discuss such injury or physician’s negligence with a medical malpractice lawyer to get your compensation claim. Following are few things that a medical malpractice attorney can do for you.

What Can a Medical Malpractice Lawyer Do for You?

Determining the Reason of Injury

Just because the incident happened in hospital premises, it doesn’t mean that the hospital staff or doctor is responsible for the same. Usually, hospitals are responsible for negligence of their staff, and not for the carelessness of independent contractors. Most of the doctors performing surgeries in a hospital are independent contractors and aren’t employees. Hence, in case your injury/harm is caused due to carelessness of the physician, you should directly file the claim against the physician and not against the facility.

Thus, if injury is caused by hospital employees such as medical technicians, support staff and nurses etc. then only you should file claim against the hospital. Sometimes, one is unable to identify if the incident has taken place due to doctor’s carelessness or facility’s. In such cases, medical malpractice attorneys prove to be of utmost help. They can help you identify as to which party you should file a claim against.

Assistance with the Paperwork

In order to establish your claim and get the compensation in a lawsuit, you need proofs. In most of the cases, the patient is required to submit “certificate of merit” with paperwork for starting the lawsuit.

Preparation of this certificate requires you to retain a medical witness who can review relevant medical records. The expert is also required to certify that the services provided by the healthcare specialist aren’t as per the accepted medical practices and the same has resulted in injuries. Medical malpractice attorneys are familiar with such documentation requirement; hence, they can help you to prepare required documentation.

Professional medical malpractice lawyers have adequate experience in handling such situations. Hence, they can help you to get required documents, which can establish your case against the defendant.

Negotiation with The Defendant

Professional medical malpractice attorneys have experience in handling various cases. They know how to adequately prepare and establish your case against the other party. They can help you to prove that whatever injuries/harm you have experienced is due to negligence of the healthcare professional or hospital staff. This is turn can help you to get your compensation claim including medical bills and wages.

This can either be done by court’s judgment or by out of the court settlement. Out of the court settlement requires one to negotiate terms with defendant’s lawyer, which can be handled by a professional attorney in a better way.


To conclude, professional medical malpractice attorneys can help you to fight the case and get compensation of injuries that you have suffered.


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