Unfortunately, spring is a common season for slip-and-fall occurrences in Canada, especially one as wet as 2017. Many workers fall because of melting snow and ice, or slippery spots on the floor that come from water, oil, and the like. Slip-and-fall accidents can result from severe negligence on an employer’s part, which is why a victim should contact a WSIB lawyer in the GTA and hire a professional to handle the case. The injured party could legitimately qualify for workers’ compensation, or alternatively something such as personal injury compensation. Only the attorney will know what to do with the case, and what would be best for the client.

Negligence usually exists in a slip-and-fall occurrence when a person or entity creates an environment that poses a danger to another person. It can also exist when the employer fails to take proper measures in order to prevent an incident. For example: an employer that fails to fix broken machinery is negligent if someone gets hurt while he or she is using that machinery. If steps and walkways aren’t properly salted and shoveled it can also result in a negligent accident. An employer can also be regarded as negligent if they ignore an employee’s legitimate request for a different work task because of an ailment or illness or because of extenuating circumstances.

When a person files for worker’s compensation in Canada, that person runs the risk of being denied their rightful benefits. The WSIB may deny the person for a number of reasons such as insufficient evidence or conflicting documentation from that person’s doctor. According to a representative from Goodman Law Group in Toronto often a victim’s doctor may deem that he or she is ready to go back to work when the victim doesn’t feel that way, which can be problematic. The victim may try to return to work even though they are not at 100 percent, and the situation may endanger their well being and recovery. The individual’s employer may place some harsh demands on them, and they may have to refuse to do the work. This could lead to backsliding or a worsening of the victim’s condition resulting from pressure and monetary incentives. In this situation, it would be wise for the victim to abstain from work and call a WSIB lawyer in the GTA immediately. When it seems as if there is no hope in the matter, a knowledgeable WSIB attorney can fight for the injured person. An experienced lawyer can present the information to the board and greatly improve the injured party’s chances of receiving proper compensation and fair treatment.

Anyone who needs representation from a WSIB lawyer in the GTA can schedule an appointment today so that the advocate can start negotiating for the victim’s rights. Some specialists will work on a contingency basis, meaning that they will not charge the injured party until that person gets an approval for the workers’ compensation. This is only fair, and also provides a solid incentive for the lawyer to put up a good fight.

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