Divorce might be an ugly word, but it’s a common occurrence. Whether infidelity leads to the end of your marriage or growing apart over the years contributes to a lack of happiness at home, making the decision to leave behind a broken marriage is made more difficult when children are involved. Realistically, no one wants to tear apart their family, but it happens. When you make the decision to divorce, understanding it’s not going to be easy on the kids is wise. They will suffer, struggle, and experience a myriad of emotion. The best thing you can do for your children after you reach out to a family law attorney in Phoenix AZ is learn to deal with your soon-to-be ex-spouse with respect and integrity for the sake of the children.

Present a United Front

Your job as parents is to be there for your kids, and together is the best way to be there for them even when you no longer want to be together for yourselves. When it’s time to tell the kids your marriage is over, do it together. Present a united front in your discussion. Be kind and respectful, and remember you are a team for the rest of your lives where your kids are concerned. If you establish this from the beginning, it’s going to make things a bit easier on the kids.

Always Discuss Your Ex Nicely

You don’t have to like him or her anymore, but you did create children with this person. They must make up their own mind about their own parent, and you needn’t help them along. You must always speak kindly of your ex in front of your kids no matter how much you want to do otherwise. Your kids deserve parents who aren’t pitting them against one another or making them feel they should choose sides. You are both parents, and you’d hate to hear your ex doing the same to you in front of the kids.

Don’t Avoid Events

While some divorce cases are a matter of two people who simply grew apart and remain friendly, others aren’t so cooperative. If you and your ex are in the midst of a difficult divorce, it’s not always easy for you to be together in the same room. As hard as it is to attend events you know you’ll see your ex and his or her new love interest if one is involved, do it anyway. Your kids need you both in their lives, and you must always put their needs before you own feelings regarding your ex according to our family law attorney phoenix az offices.

Divorce is never easy, no matter how well you get along with your children’s other parent. It gets easier over time, but it’s in the beginning your kids need you both to be there for them as best you can. They need you to remember your divorce isn’t just about you, but it’s about them and their own feelings. Being there, being partners in raising the kids, and putting their needs first is a priority when divorce occurs. It’s what we encourage all our clients to do.

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