Accidents may occur anytime and anywhere without any prior warnings. However, if you are visiting someone else’s property and accidentally slip or fall, the incident can be referred as slip and fall accident. When a property owner fails to maintain their property and ensure safety on it, the visitor may fall or slip and have some serious injuries.

If you happen to slip and fall, then you can recover the compensation from the owner for all the injuries that you incurred. However first, you must understand what these accidents are and what their different types are.

Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

There are a few common types of slip and fall accidents that you must know and how they occur:

  • Slippery wet floors: A wet and slippery floor always invites injuries. If there is no sign of wet floor warning and the visitor falls on the floor because of it, then they may injure themselves badly. If there are any spills or water on the floor, it must be cleaned up promptly.
  • Cluttered floors: Property owners may leave their supplies, trash or any equipment on the aisle, which can lead to tripping accidents.
  • Now enough lighting: If there isn’t enough lighting in areas like stairways or aisles, one cannot recognize how the walking surface is and may trip and fall.
  • Damaged floors: Property owners often have damages carpets, broken floor tiles or loose handrails and stair treads. All these increase the risk of slip and fall accidents.
  • Icy walkways: Property owners must regularly clean their floors and see that there is no snow or ice that has accumulated on their floors. Snow on stairs, parking lots or sidewalks can cause fatal accidents.

Types of Injuries Slip and Fall Accidents Cause

  • Head injuries: Head injuries are the worst type of damage that is caused by the slip and fall accidents. One can suffer from cognitive impairment, traumatic brain injuries or seizures.
  • Hip fractures: In most of the cases, the victim ends up breaking their hips. This can be very serious injury and may even require artificial hip implantation.
  • Back injuries: A slip and fall accident can also lead to fractured spinal cord or slipped discs. These injure often causes temporary or permanent paralysis or other sensory impairments.
  • Fractures or sprains: When you slip or fall, you can fracture or sprain your knee, ankle or any other ligaments or joints. These are most common in older adults whose bones are weakened by age.

What to Do Next?

A slip and fall accident may occur at any place like restaurant, stores, workplaces, parks or anyone’s house. If you or your loved one is a victim of such type of accident, you will have to take some legal actions. There are many qualified and experienced attorney who can help you investigate your case like Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum in Miami.

They will help you identify if the accident is caused by the negligence of the property owner or manager and get you entitled to all the compensation for your hospital bills and income loss due to recovery. So be aware and if such unfortunate event occurs, don’t hesitate to consult an attorney.

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