Family lawyers Sydney and other places see a huge demand for their services. In fact, the number of people employing the services of family lawyers Sydney or any city for that matter has increased exponentially. Therefore, if someone is interested in law and perhaps wants to take up family law as a specialty there are certain things that they need to be aware of before taking up this line.

What do family lawyers do?

  • Earlier family lawyers were used to digging up dirt about the spouse to prove that he or she is guilty of wrong doing. That was the easy way for a marriage to be dissolved. However, due to the advent of no fault divorces, the family lawyers now play a rather different role. They act as counselors and mediators. They help in getting their clients and their spouses to work together especially when there are children involved.
  • Family lawyers help work out several areas for their clients and the spouses inclusive of support and custody options. They genuinely work to better the lives of their clients and to remove the bitterness that they feel for their spouses as much as possible. They help their clients to resume their normal lives post the divorce or even in the midst of the proceedings.
  • Family lawyers in Sydney as well as other cities around Australia and the world take up the roles of caretakers, psychologists, litigators, business valuators, tax experts, custody evaluators, mediators, negotiators and other such roles. All this requires them to be sensitive when it comes to the needs of their clients and they genuinely need to want to care about their clients and help them. They also ensure that they help their clients stand on their own feet and not remain dependent on them or anyone else for that matter.
  • This field is great for those that genuinely practice or want to practice law with the main intention of serving their fellow man and not with the primary intention of making money. However, that being said, the family lawyers in Sydney and in all parts of the world for that matter do make a very decent living.

What areas to family lawyers deal with?

Family lawyers deal with a number of different areas, though not all of them will specialize or take up cases in all the areas mentioned below. Some pick and choose areas of specialization in family law. The different ranges of issues that come under the purview of family law are:

  1. Custody and joint custody
  2. Adoption
  3. International laws for adoption, custody and parental kidnapping
  4. Parent education
  5. Marriage requirements
  6. Paternity
  7. Third party parenting
  8. Marital property
  9. Premarital agreements
  10. Bankruptcy
  11. Resolving Alternative disputes
  12. Co-habitation
  13. Alimony, child support and maintenance
  14. Elder law
  15. Domestic violence
  16. Reproduction and genetics
  17. Juvenile law
  18. Marital torts

These are just some of the areas that come under family law but there are many more kinds of sensitive issues that are handled by these lawyers as well.

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