Sometimes, cancer doesn’t always look or feel like cancer. That’s the lesson that one Texas mother learned the hard way. The Texas woman had what she thought was a skin rash.

When the woman visited her doctor, they performed a mammogram. Everything came back normal. The doctor guessed that the rash was the result of a bra that didn’t fit properly. The doctor sent the woman away.

A wardrobe change didn’t stop the rash. She even took an antibiotic, and that didn’t help, either. The woman was determined to get to the bottom of the problem. She turned to the internet.

What she found

The woman’s internet search revealed something called inflammatory breast cancer. It’s breast cancer that doesn’t look like traditional breast cancer. It looks like a rash. A biopsy confirmed the woman’s worst fears.

Sadly, in the case of the Texas woman, it took eleven months to get the correct diagnosis. That gave the cancer enough time to spread to her liver and even into her bones. The woman’s doctors admit that they can’t cure her cancer. All they can do is try to slow it down with treatments.

When the doctor misses cancer

In cancer cases, early detection is key. A failure to diagnose cancer can mean the difference between life and death. Even in cases where the patient is in the doctor’s office early, the doctor might dismiss the symptoms and miss the cancer diagnosis entirely. The results can be devastating.

How it can happen

One doctor explains that too many gynecologists and general family doctors aren’t trained or experienced to recognize a cancer that appears in an abnormal way. That means they try to find other ways to explain the symptoms. They should know what they don’t know and send the patient to a specialist, but it doesn’t always happen.

Early detection is important

Finding cancer early drastically improves survival rates. The exact numbers vary depending on the type of cancer. One thing that’s consistent across all cancer types, however, is that a person can expect to live for years longer if medical professionals catch their cancer early on.

When doctors fail

If medical professionals fail to properly diagnose cancer, they might owe the victimized person or their family compensation. Doctors have a duty to perform their duties up to professional standards. In cancer cases, when doctors fall below professional standards, the results can be devastating. You might need surgeries that you may not have needed with an early diagnosis. You might have debilitating pain and suffering.

An attorney can help you recover the compensation that you deserve. You may be able to recover for your medical bills as well as for your pain, lost work and damaged prognosis. In addition, attorneys that work on failed cancer detection cases help make the medical profession better. They hold doctors accountable for competent work. In this way, you can bring awareness to the issues and help others.