A Full-Service Law Firm Can Be Your Greatest Asset

There are many reasons you may need an attorney and everyone will need expert legal services at some point in their lives. Even if you’re never charged with a DUI or a criminal offense, there are dozens of other circumstances in which legal representation is needed. While there’s nothing wrong with hiring an attorney who specializes in specific incidences, as you need one, developing a relationship will a full-service firm provides additional benefits.

Whether you need help with estate planning, starting a business, or you need a bankruptcy lawyer in Columbia, MD, working with a full-service law firm can help you receive the best possible representation. This is because each department will maintain detailed records for each incident they handled for you and any department will be able to access those records.

How does this help you? It gives your attorneys detailed information that may be relevant to a current situation. For instance, if you schedule an appointment with an estate planning attorney, he may consult your files and discover that you own a business. This will help him prepare to fulfill your needs by assembling the necessary information for the dissolution or sale of your business. Conversely, you may wish to leave the business to your children. That will also require special planning.

Over time, working with the same law firm will help you get to know the lawyers in the organization and they will get to know you. Developing this type of relationship takes time, but it can be worthwhile in that your lawyers will be better able to advise you. It can even save you money, when one situation requires the expertise of lawyers from multiple departments. For instance, if you’re accused of driving under the influence and causing an accident, you may need a criminal defense attorney and a lawyer experienced in defending against civil suits.

It’s often recommended that you should hire a lawyer experienced in the field of law that your case concerns. This is certainly true, but a full-service law firm typically employs lawyers experienced in multiple areas of legal representation. One law firm can give you access to the representation and resources you need to handle almost any situation.