Trucking Accidents Cause Many Fatalities

Trucking accidents cause thousands of serious injuries and fatalities each year in the United States. A major cause of these accidents is truck driver fatigue caused by long hours and lack of rest. Many truck drivers push their driving limits beyond acceptable measures to deliver goods on time and increase their profits.

To prevent dangerous trucking accidents caused by driver fatigue, truck drivers are now required to have electronic logging devices installed in all commercial trucks. Electronic logs record federally mandated driving times and rest periods and prevent drivers from making manual changes to their driving records.

Truck driver fatigue and accidents have been a concern for federal regulators for decades. The old paper logs that drivers used to have allowed manual changes and falsified records. There are many traffic safety reports that show truck drivers often altered their paper log entries after trucking accidents to cover up violations of federal safety regulations. The trucking industry and federal regulators have been in favor of installing electronic logging devices in commercial trucks for many years, but federal laws that approved them were not passed until 2017. Department of Transportation safety officials say that new electronic logs will automatically track a truck’s movements and prevent drivers from making any alterations to entries about their driving time and rest periods.

The trucking industry and traffic safety officials expect new electronic logging devices to prevent thousands of serious injuries and deaths each year on U.S. roads and highways. Trucking accidents seen by an Oregon auto accident attorney each year commonly result in severe injuries and fatalities due to the massive size and weight of commercial trucks. When passenger cars are involved in trucking accidents, people in the car are often killed instantly by the sheer force and weight of the truck. Victims who survive are often left with long-term disabilities that result from catastrophic injuries. Injury victims often suffer numerous broken bones, severe head trauma, amputations, physical disfigurement, and brain injuries. In truck rollovers, trucks often catch on fire leaving passengers in the car with severe burns, if they survive the fire.