4 Tips for Winning Custody of Your Child

Child custody is always a tricky issue. Before you despair,however, you should know that you can increase your odds of winning custodywith certain actions and behaviors in front of the judge. Here are just a fewtips for making it happen.

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1. Be Courteous Towards Your Ex

No one wants to listen to two exes griping at each other, and this includes the judge. Try to keep things civil. Listen carefully when your ex speaks, and counter any points that you disagree with in a calm and composed manner. You might also want to show that you’re willing to work with them and make concessions if they’ll meet you halfway. Even if your ex scoffs, the judge will be listening.

2. Do Your Homework

There are hundreds of laws surrounding divorce and child custody, and you aren’t expected to know all or even most of them. However, if you can speak knowledgeably on issues relevant to your case, you can prove to the court that you’re taking your child custody battle seriously. For example, if you’ve been debating visitation with your ex, you can reference the laws surrounding child visitation Hillsborough County.

3. Get Evaluated

Ask the court for an in-home custody evaluation. Not only will this show that you’re committed to doing whatever it takes to gain custody of your child, but it’s also your chance to disprove anything negative that your ex has said about your home, lifestyle or parenting techniques. An objective evaluator can refute everything that they said after a successful home visit.

4. Love Your Children

The divorce will be hard on your kids. The custody battle will be even harder. Try not to become so focused on “winning” that you forget about the very real feelings being experienced by your little one. If you truly love them, they should always come first.

You and your ex might be parting ways, but there’s no reason that your child has to leave your life, too. Use these tips to ensure that you gain custody or at least visitation rights. Good luck!