What Does a Parole Lawyer Do?

In the U.S. criminal justice system, most prisoners become eligible for parole at some point. Parole is a monitored release which gives the convicted person an opportunity to begin to reintegrate into society and spend time with their families. A parole lawyer Houston can greatly improve a person’s chances for being granted parole.

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Preparing for a Hearing

The decision to grant or deny parole is done at a hearing by a parole board who will review things like the original charge and the convicted person’s prison record of behavior and service. It is critical to present a compelling case to the board that the convict has been rehabilitated and will not commit further crime. A parole lawyer can help build that presentation by gathering documents and organizing them in a clear way for the board.

Representation at Hearing

In addition to preparing the presentation, a parole lawyer Houston can act as legal representation for the potential parolee at their hearing. This is similar to the role of an attorney in a trial setting; however, the convicted person will be required to speak and answer questions. The lawyer’s expertise and ability to frame the argument for release can be extremely valuable in this situation.

Advocacy If Parole Is in Danger of Being Revoked

A parole lawyer Houston can also assist if a convict has been granted parole but is suspected of a violation of the terms. If a parole officer threatens to revoke parole and recommends for the board to do so, a parole lawyer can act as counsel and representation to try to prevent that from happening.

The decision of a parole board can truly be the turning point of a person’s life. Wouldn’t you want to do everything you can to ensure a positive outcome? Hiring a parole lawyer is the best thing you can do to help make that happen.