What To Do If a Loved One Is Arrested

If a friend or family member has been arrested and taken to jail, trying to figure out what to do and where to begin can be overwhelming. Here are some things that you should do as soon as you receive the news.

Try To Gather All Arrest Information

Gathering all important information, such as charges, where your loved one is being held and when their arraignment hearing will occur is essential. You can typically do this by contacting the District Attorney’s office. This is key in determining when they will potentially be eligible for bail, and if you should procure a bondsman Scranton PA.

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Be a Reassuring Presence and Do Not Pry

One of the most important things you can do for your loved one is to be there, and to be a calming presence for them. It is imperative that they stay calm and respectful while they are being held. If they call you from jail, do not ask for specific details regarding their crime and arrest. Calls from jail are often recorded, and anything that they say could be used against them.

Get Help If Needed 

Unless your friend has committed a murder or another violent felony, it is possible for them to get out of jail on bail, at least until their trial date. If the bail amount is higher than anyone can afford, help your friend secure a bail bond. It may also be useful to help your friend find a criminal defense attorney, depending on their crime. A public defender is another option if lawyer fees are overwhelmingly high.

While the arrest of someone you love can be a very emotional situation, it is important that you stay clear-headed so you can help them as much as possible. Though they may feel hopeless initially, your friend will appreciate your efforts once their legal ordeal has ended.