5 Phone Calls You Need To Make After an Auto Accident

Auto accidents are occurring more frequently than ever before, so it may come as no surprise that you are probably going to be involved in one at some point in your lifetime. When it happens, there are five phone calls you need to make right after the vehicle accident.

Dial 911

Almost every city within the United States requires you to phone the police office and notify them you were in an accident. Some of the areas will take your personal information and allow you to leave the scene of the accident, but must requests that you wait for an officer to come and ascertain who is responsible for the collision, assign an accident number, and take information for a report.

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Call Home

Call home as soon as you can to notify your loved ones about what occurred and to let them know you are okay. If you are injured, tell your family where you are going to be treated, where the accident occurred, and where your vehicle can be found.

Phone an Attorney

After exchanging information with the other accident parties, phone an auto accident attorney in Orlando FL. Your lawyer can help you find a repair shop, deal with your insurance company, and aid you in finding adequate physical therapy if you are injured.

Notify Insurance

Your insurance requires you to contact the company after your vehicle has been in a crash. If you are injured and unable to contact insurance, ask your attorney to do it for you.

Contact Repairs

Don’t forget to contact an auto repair shop to send a tow truck out to pick up your vehicle. If your insurance company has limitations about auto body repair shops, get a list from them about which you are able to use. Once you have selected a company, let your insurance representative know.

If you are ever involved in an auto accident, use the above list of five phone calls to let everyone know what happened. Then go get medical help for the sore muscles you don’t even know you have yet.