3 Types of Bail Bonds You Can Find If You Need Them

Bail bonds are not all created equal. In fact, the different types of bonds are not even processed through the system in the same ways. So, when you or someone you love needs to get out of jail, you may be wondering what type of bond will fit your needs, and how to go about locating the bond. Here are a few tips on the different types of bail bonds available and how to go about getting them.

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For individuals that are charged with a misdemeanor, this is the bail bond for them. Almost everyone accused of this type of crime can get released from jail on bail once the judge declares the amount at the arraignment hearing. The best thing of all is that misdemeanor bail is almost always a low cost.


If someone is arrested for a felony crime, the surety bond is what they need. This is the most common type of bond available, and you can easily find one if you contact a Lehigh County bail bonds company. The surety bond is more expensive than the misdemeanor bond, and represents a contract between the bonded individual, the bondsman, and the courts that the arrested person will return to all required court appearances. Once the bail bond company pays the bond, you, your friend, or love one will be released from jail.


An appeal bond is applied to the court structure when someone that was previously convicted of a crime and is still doing time within the legal system is appealing the conviction. This type of bond allows the convicted person to be released from jail or prison while the judicial system works through the appeal process.

You or your loved ones don’t have to wait in jail for a long time. Call a bail bond company and arrange for one of the three types of bail listed above. You can be home before you know it.